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What would you sacrifice, to save the life you love?


Jason Yoder’s Amish life is in turmoil. His girlfriend Faith is ready for them to join the church, marry and begin their life together.

But Jason is a 17 year-old baseball phenomenon leading his team to the state championship. 

At home, Jason looks on helplessly as his widowed mother struggles to save the family farm from a growing stack of bills.

In the weeks after the end of another losing season, Chicago Cubs manager Skip Anderson discovers Jason playing on an Iowa ball field. The veteran coach knows the young man can help turn the team around and win the World Series.

An offer from the Cubs promises the money he needs to save the farm and provide the family financial security. But Jason knows if he leaves, the temptations of the outside world could be too great and he may never return to the life he loves—the only life he knows.

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“One of the best baseball books I’ve ever read. This is a winner!” – 1984 World Series Champion Johnny Grubb


Dear Jim,
I just finished your latest book on baseball. It was absolutely amazing. I resonated with the accuracy, the correctness of the Amish faith and the story connections. It was perfect!
I am a teacher, who grew up in Kalona and moved to Pennsylvania.
I could picture the Amish store, the Amish dilemmas, the family and faith structures, and also the minute details, such as the buggy accident on route 22, which I remember.
I love the faith strand that you weave. It is only possible by truly understanding the Amish theology.

Keep it up!!

I wish you the very best!!


Email Jim






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